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Hey D2C Brands 👋
acquire customer leads for as low as ₹25

We are all you need to boost your profitability

Over 60 fastest growing brands in 20+ cities use Trumsy

All the tools and insights you need for

All the tools and insights you need for

More customers. Higher profits.
Stronger brand.

Keep your customers returning to you by leveraging your own product packaging

Don't let high cost of performance marketing and SEO stop you from driving sales through your website/ Shopify store! Build a powerful, mobile-first, and engaging customer community that turns your first time buyers into repeat customers.

Our solution works across all physical touchpoints with your customers Eg POS, Postcards and Product packaging

​​Physical marketing doesn't get stuck in spam filters your customers Digital marketing has already eclipsed your target audience. Try something new that will hold their attention for longer. Maximize customer engagement and resales.

Build a customer community with shared values such as trust, mutual respect and common interests

You don't need to worry about community management! Trumsy takes care of it. Your engaged community is a sure shot way of getting more customers via referrals.

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Engage your customers with attractive contest, competitions, discounts and loyalty rewards

You don't need to be a marketing pro or a gamification expert to set up campaigns! Trumsy simplifies the entire process with pre-built templates you can customize to engage your customers with contest, competitions, giveaways or loyalty discounts

​Export your leads and use it across any tool

Avg. lifespan of product packaging vs. seconds for Whatsapp/Email/SMS - Massive brand engagement & recall

Why QR code based print marketing

Why QR code based print marketing

It WORKS like magic

It WORKS like magic


Higher CTR compared to Email/WhatsApp


Upto 300% increase in conversions compared to Email/WhatsApp etc.

26 Days

Average lifespan of product packaging vs. seconds for Whatsapp/Email/SMS - Massive brand engagement & recall

More ways to increase
Sales with Trumsy

Smart QR Codes

Create unlimited, printable QR codes to get new customers, real-time data, share rewards, spread information, partner with other brands, and more!

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Automated Promotions

Create community led competitions, contest and other promotions at a click of a button. promote on social media and other channels!

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Valuable Customer Feedback

Trumsy enables easy customer feedback collection with eye-pleasing surveys that your customers won’t resist sharing their feedback with.

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Next-Gen CEP

Trumsy is a Next Gen CEP that provides you actionable insights to boost your profitability for every SKU you sell

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Why modern brands love Trumsy?

Requires zero expertise


brands have seen an instant reduction in their customer acquisition cost using Trumsy.

Stand out like never before


brands say, they’re able to provide a better brand experience using Trumsy.

Increase in revenue


brands say, they see increase in sales from repeat customers using Trumsy.


Alexa Young, CA

“Testimonials provide a sense of what it's like to work with you or use your products. Change the text and add your own."

Our Solution Fits your Industry

Toys & Games

School Supplies


Healthy Foods

Fashion & Accessories

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