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And Start Creating A Healthy Relationship Between Your Child And Screens

FREE 5 Week Screen Time Challenge Webinar!

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Are You Worried About The Excessive Screen Consumption Of Your Child?


Are You Constantly Supervising Their Screen Time?


Do You Feel Their Physical Activity Has Reduced In The Past Few Years

Maybe You’ve Tried Everything…


Telling Them Good Stories And Motivating




Scaring Them With Something Or Someone


Taking Mobile Away



And No Matter What You Try, Nothing Seems To Help…

In This 1 hour Masterclass

Here you will....


Understand The Extent Of The Damage - Its Equal To Drugs.


Why Are Children Getting Hooked On To It.


Why Is It Critical To Save Them From This Damage.


How Will The 5 Weeks Go.


How You Can Participate And Support Your Children Out Of This In JUST 5 Weeks.


Why Are You Not Able To Resolve The Issues You Are Dealing With Your Children – Despite Trying Out All Ways The Issues Are Either Continuing Or Getting Worse.

To Support Parents And Empower Children So That Children Take Full Charge Of Their Screen Time, We Have Come Up With This Screen Addiction Webinar

Happening 12th May 2024.
Join Us In This Interactive

LIVE MEETING At 11:00 AM Over Zoom.

This webinar is designed for parents of children of all ages.

  • It’s time to unplug

  • Let them explore

  • Wonder

  • Experience

  • Play

  • Connect 

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Mr. Sushant Kalra

Bestselling Author Of Perfect Parenting, Invited By Tedx Multiple Times, Founder & Director Of Parwarish Institute Of Parenting.

Sushant Kalra is an award-winning TedX Speaker who believes that Children are the heart of parents outside their bodies. Being the pioneer in the child development domain, sushant connects with the general public by sharing his public experiences as a parent and encourages parents to take the upbringing of their children more seriously and work on themselves. He believes that in order for the children to realise their boundless potential, their parents have to be friends with them.


Mr. Sachin Kapoor

Award winning columnist, educator and trainer. Uses his experience from building tech products at Samsung, Airtel, Yahoo and Linkedin to help parents and children with responsible use of screen time.


When it comes to permeability of technology in our daily lives, it is difficult to find someone as articulate as Sachin. An immersive writer and speaker, Sachin spent 20 years building some of the most addictive tech products we use in our daily lives. From phones in Samsung to social media at Linkedin. All along he harboured ambitions to improve quality of life in India and spread his mission.


To further his mission Sachin conducts free workshops in schools for teachers, parents and children to reduce screen time. His latest research, “Is mobile screen the new cocaine?” was published by many online publications. Sachin publishes a weekly newsletter “Exploring Growth” which has 22 K subscribers on Linkedin. A regular oped and columnist, Sachin’s views are considered the authority on screen time and parenting in India.


Sachin’s startup Trumsy, was ranked by Google play amongst “most inspiring apps made in India” in 2023. Trumsy is a free service for parents to reduce screen time in children, where children earn prizes by  doing physical fun activities set up as competitions and challenges. Sachin pours in his experience of leading Linkedin Asia Pacific Business to scale his venture while building something that is good for the country.


Recognition And Awards

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Date: 12th May, Sunday

Time: 11:00 am –12:00 pm

If You Face Any Challenges To Join, May Connect At  9310161014, 7303193093

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