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Trumsy - Vision to Values

What are Vision to Values?

Vision to Values (V2V) is our single page distillation of the company strategy - a framework that clearly and efficiently codifies our company’s purpose, approach, and ethos. Applied annually, V2V fosters alignment, creates awareness, and drives focus across the organisation.

Trumsy FY 2023-24 Vision to Values




Build an AI-driven, gamified, habit building platform for parents, to solve for screen addiction, lack of concentration and unhealthy eating among pre-teens.


Build a model to profile and infer the parent’s preferences and the child's current habits via AI/ML based gaming and/or psychometric tool. 


Connect parents and children via gamified challenges (AI recommended physical activity) that build long term habits and break bad habits. 


Build a community powered trusted marketplace to help parents with their needs e.g parenting advice, child education, child care products.


We aspire to create a trusted, caring, inclusive, fun, and transformational experience for each other at Trumsy, and through our platform for every parent, child and caregiver.


  • Our users come first 

  • We trust and care about each other 

  • We act like an owner

  • We are open, honest, and constructive

  • We embody diversity, inclusion, and belonging 

  • We dream big, get things done, and know how to have fun


WAU | Sessions | Revenue | Margin

FY 23-24 Key Initiatives

  • Achieve PMF with the AI based parent support model

  • Build up the parent community via the ERG channel

  • Build a freemium SAAS model for parental support

  • Drive demand of 100,000 Habit Cards via Schools. Launch atleast 3 more innovative physical products to help parents

Target Audiences and JTBD


  • Help me break screen addiction, develop concentration and healthy eating habits in my children. Do it in a demonstrable way to measure success in the metrics I am used to monitoring (e.g. screen addiction→ outdoor play time, concentration lapse→ school grades, Nutrition→ BMI)

  • Guide me through the social emotional learning needs of my children

  • Help me with identifying the products or services that best serve my unique parenting needs

  • Help optimise on my spending as a parent (Time and Money), which i can reuse for other purposes

  • Help me build a community of parents with similar needs, around me or at my workplace. A safe space and support I can rely upon

Children (7-12 yrs)

  • I am bored and my parents nag me, please help!

  • I want to be the cool kid that my peer set looks up to, but hush! - need to improve my capabilities discreetly

  • I get what my parents feel I need, Can i please get from my parents what I really need from them

  • I need to try new things, even the ones my parents won’t approve of initially. What if my phone/ tab told me to go and do an activity (think integration with inbuilt screen time tracking apps of Apple of Samsung)

  • I want to be respected and have a mature conversation with my parents

  • I want to learn how to earn and then spend or invest my money

Marketplace Service Providers (Coaches, Tuition Teachers etc) and Product Sellers (School Supplies, Games etc)

  • Help me discover potential customers

  • Guide me on how to best position my value proposition to my customers

  • Provide me with the tools to engage my customers and grow my business

  • Help me discover potential customers

  • Guide me on how to best position my value proposition to my customers

  • Provide me with the tools to engage my customers and grow my business

Foundational Operating Priorities

Talent | Technology | Trust

Value Proposition

Raise remarkable children with least amount of effort


To be the google maps (or Siri) for parenting

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