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Game Rules


The game requires at least 2 players. 1 parent and 1 child


The child must be 8 or older and able to read english and operate a phone/ tablet or laptop


Game Play

Only a parent can create a child id


A parent can add maximum of 8 children


Only a parent can create a challenge and allocate tasks to a challenge


A challenge starts only when atleast 1 child accepts the challenge


Children win points when they do the task. There are 2 types of tasks


Type 1 task: Child earns points by doing the task, but does not lose any point if she/ he doesn’t do the task


Type 2 task: Child earns points by doing the task but loses points if she/he doesn’t do the task. these tasks are daily task and points are automatically deducted at midnight India time


At the start of the challenge, parent can allocate starting points to the children. These points are starting balance and are like a gift to the children participating in the challenge. Any future points addition or deduction happens from this balance


The parent has to declare when setting up the challenge the value of each point in Indian Rupees. This is shared with the child when the challenge invitation is sent


Once a challenge ends, the points are multiplied by value and added to the child Wallet. The child Wallet is the balance child can use to put things in her/his Wishlist. The parent is obligated to purchase items from the Wishlist as the winnings for the child


The duration of the Challenge can be between 1-52 weeks. A parent can set up multiple challenges


The parent has a super power (Tag Child Task). Using this feature, parent can tag the child on any of the task and grant or deduct points for any active challenge



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