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Do you envision your child as the best version of himself/herself but don't know how to begin?

Trumsy Parenting Coaches


Parenting can sometimes be a tough job, and often we feel the need to get advice from an expert. Trumsy understands your needs as a parent. We offer relevant, accessible, and expert care for you and your child’s emotional health. It is completely anonymous and the first call with the parenting coach is free.

We have put together a list of parenting coaches you can reach out to for help. 

There are no commitments and you can continue only if you like. The coaching fees (if any) from the second session is a direct discussion between you and the respective parenting coach.


Book an appointment with a
Parenting Coach


Diksha Ghaywan

Health & Parenting Coach

An IT professional for almost a decade and now a Health Coach to serve a greater purpose.

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Sachin Kapoor

Parenting Coach

He believes that everyone has unique inner skills needed for growth.


Bonani Gupta

Counselling Psychologist

By using an eclectic approach in her sessions, she combines with various techniques which help to understand yourself better.


Maria Mehmood

Parenting Coach

She started her journey of knowing more about people and went deeply into taking others out of their struggles through counselling sessions.


Saumya Gupta

Counselling Psychologist

She is a counselling Psychologist specialising in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.


Pia Mary Abraham

Parenting counsellor

She is a Counselling Psychologist and RCI-certified Speech Language Pathologist. 

Choose a feasible date and time

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How it works!

We respect your precious time and encourage you to schedule your session with your parenting coach at your own ease

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Connect with  Parenting Coach

  1. We will confirm your appointment and introduce you to your parenting coach.

  2. You may allow us to give you a reminder prior to the session so that you can join on the date and time fixed by you

Discuss your concerns
with your Parenting Coach

  1. We advise making a list of things to discuss with your parenting coach before the meeting. Try to keep the history/ brief short but accurate. 

  2. Remember, it’s a non-judgemental free space for you to get unconditional support from your parenting coach

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Build an action plan and act on it

Once you uncover an action plan, make provision for happier parenting by working collaboratively with your parenting coach

Secure and Confidential

All your information is transferred end-to-end encrypted to our secure server, where only you and your parenting coach can access it

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