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Benefits of Mindfulness for Kids and Teens

In today’s competitive environment kids and teenagers are often stressed. From academic pressure, sports, and extracurricular activities to violence at school, friendship issues, getting into a good college and adjusting to a new environment, climate change, and other challenges, kids have to face it all and it contributes to their stress. Sometimes dealing with just day-to-day life can be overwhelming and exhausting.

All these stressors combined can arise issues of anxiety and depression that increase the chances of other mental health issues has raised the concern of parents for the well-being of their kids. A large number of people are moving towards mindfulness to help kids and teens deal with their negative thoughts, emotions, feeling, and other life stressors.

Mindfulness has proven benefits on kids’ and teens’ physical and mental health, mind, social life, cognitive abilities, and emotional regulation. A few more detailed benefits of mindfulness are mentioned below:

  • It impacts a kid's cognitive skills and executive functioning of the brain including a person’s ability to remember details, shift focus, assemble information, better social skills, better math grades, improvement in classroom behaviour, pay attention, decision-making, problem-solving, and planning.

  • According to research, mindfulness helps in reducing emotional reactivity, psychological symptoms, and distress, and increases psychological well-being.

  • It helps kids and teens to cope with the negative effects of bullying, become good listeners, and good learners, be calm under stressful situations, have a positive outlook towards life, focus on the task at hand, regulate their emotions, be less distracted, and to better understand the functioning of their brain.

Now, that you know the benefits of mindfulness and how it will help your kids in their overall development, don't delay in encouraging this good habit in your kids and teens.

We wish you happy parenting!


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