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Hiring teenagers- A message for employers

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

I am 17 years old but even as a 14-year-old teenager, I already knew what I wanted to do with my life, I knew how I wanted to do things, and what steps would lead me there. When initially I decided on a career for myself, I was scared and felt overwhelmed because I didn't know what steps to take.

During my high school years, the COVID-19 lockdown gave me time to ponder, I felt that I could do something more with my future, and looking at my future plans I have always been eager to do something professionally. But I had zero experience and had no knowledge about the corporate world, So I decided to step in by doing internships for a span of 6 months. To understand the professional world and the career field I want to step into, I observed all the employee's around me at every level of management. I looked into the kind of work they do and how they do it.

When I was done with free internships, I wanted to take a step forward so first, I sat down and wrote down my professional goals, and how I want to grow, and then I followed the career action plan I created.

Many other teenagers want to do the following too: they want to make the change, they want to kick start their career, and they want to understand the importance of earning.

Hiring teenagers is also important, It is not just beneficial for you, but for us too.

We bring a different perspective to the table, we make your team diverse and are likely to be highly motivated, hard-working, and eager to work because let's face it - there are very few job opportunities for teens in the job market and we wouldn’t want to miss any good opportunity.

What I mean by bringing a different perspective is that we all agree that the world of the internet plays a huge role in any type of business these days, many such businesses can benefit by hiring “Gen Z” employees, we look at the world differently than older generations.

Another benefit your company would get by hiring a teen would be

Lower pay, fewer employee benefits

Most of the teens work part-time, it might even be our first job, due to which the requirement we would have would not be much, many teens are satisfied with lower wages just because they are eager to learn. Since we work part-time and have school, we teens often do not need the employee benefits that your company usually has to offer to every employee.

Workplace development is also something you might just need!

Teenagers are used to learning. As we do not have much experience you could say we are kind of in a blank state of mind. This gives your company the opportunity to develop a workforce of young employees and train them to help you meet the organizational needs and goals.

We, teens, are adaptive

Business environments change every single day, and according to research young people are better equipped to respond to such changes. This can be a great benefit to your company, the technology, and priorities of an organization change constantly, it will be easier for you if your employees are able to adapt to change fast.

We have grown up around technology, even today if you see 2-3-year-old children, they know how to use a phone. Sometimes the only thing they want is a device in their hands. Technology comes naturally to us teenagers, hiring teenagers will have a positive impact on taking the business a step closer to its organizational goal.

Before getting a proper part-time job, there were many firms that were happy with my work but they did not want to hire a teenager. To be very honest it is a hesitant task for many organizations. According to the research, many organizations do not want to risk hiring teenagers as it might compromise the work that needs to be done.

Applying for jobs, what I have noticed is many organizations do not want to hire teenagers because they are underage.

According to the child labor law and regulations of India, any child that is between the age of 14-18 can be employed with the condition of not being involved in business activities that require them to be in a hazardous environment.

I feel we teens can do much more than what the world thinks teens can do. Today’s upcoming generation is very smart and practical. We know how to work out our ways through things, and we learn how to deal with situations during pre-adolescence. I feel we deserve a chance, we deserve to prove ourselves.

Employers, we teenagers learn with our hearts poured into the work we are doing, we are eager to learn. As a teen I can say, a job is something a teenager needs for himself or herself because it helps us grow.

The future is in our hands, we are the upcoming generation that wants to change the world, and you can help us do that. We want to kick start our career and help make the world a better place, we look at the world with very different eyes and do not want to let that go to waste.

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