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How to make learning fun for kids?

Making learning fun for kids is a task. We often struggle to make our kids sit and study with seriousness and concentration and most of the time, we fail. To help you with this difficult task, we have come up with a few tips you can use to make learning fun for them. This will not only help you from being the bad parents who always nag about studying but it will also make learning fun for them and they will feel excited and eager to learn. A few tips are mentioned below:

  • Let them pick the subject - Choice is a powerful motivator for the brain. Let your kid decide the subject they want to read. If a kid chooses a subject on their own instead of being forced on them, they are most likely to read it independently and with interest.

  • Connect the learning with your child’s interest - Ask questions to your kid about the characters they are reading in a lesson, it will induce questions in them to find out the similarities or differences between them and the character. Let your kid think about the personality traits, hobbies, goals, interests, and values they find common with the character.

  • Create Positive Associations - According to neuroscience, a positive association is developed in kids with the help of arithmetic memorization if they practice positive-reinforcement games and activities. Similarly, your kid can build more sustainable memory if they get the chance to identify and relish their success over time. Creating a chart on ‘Personal Goal Achievements’ will help kids to track down their achievements and it will motivate them to keep going. They can set personal goals such as learning a particular equation and recording their improvements as they are working towards the goal.

  • Engage them in fun learning activities - Most kids don’t like reading books all the time unless they have a knack for reading. Make learning fun for them by adding fun learning activities and games to their schedule. Arrange activity setups in your backyard or garden or a nearby kids' park. Invite their friends to maximize their engagement in the activities.

  • Assign simple experiments for them - Who doesn't like experimenting? Starting from checking the colour of the litmus paper after putting them in an acidic or alkaline substance to watching a paper burn through the sun's rays with the help of a microscope. We did all these in our childhood. How about reliving our memories through our kids? Helping them learn easy, new, and interesting experiments at home will increase their knowledge as well as boost their interest in studies.

I hope these little tips will help you engage your kids in fun learning.

We wish you happy parenting!



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