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Kho gaye ham kahan- Last rakhi before I see her in four months

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Dear Diary,

It has been a tiresome week, and not just because Rakshabandhan is around the block but also because Kk would be moving to a different city. She has gotten into the college she wanted. The day her acceptance letter arrived there was an ominous silence in my head, as if all thoughts had paused. With a sudden pop sound, all the emotions rained on me like confetti. “wow! she is grown now !” to “wow, she is grown now and probably doesn’t need me anymore” And all sorts of expressions ran through my consciousness.

I snapped myself back to reality, she was looking happy. Although it wasn’t the college she had dreamt of, this one was not so bad either. As we climbed the stairs down to the ground floor Mumma and Papa were on their phones. As they heard the news they responded in a calm affirmative way, however mumma looked at me and I could tell she sensed something. Later when Papa and Kk went out to pick up dinner, Mumma and I got to talking. “I will miss her terribly, you know, but I am happy for her nevertheless.” she replied “that toh is okay but I’m very concerned about how she will manage all alone, she is just a kid. Kal tak toh bartan utha ke nahi rakhti thi apne (she wouldn’t budge to keep her dishes in the washer and now she will be managing everything on her own)” I consoled her, “Mumma you have no idea how independent she can be, when push comes to shove I am very sure she will manage just fine.” She nodded and went to do a chore.

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The next few days flew by quickly, Kk was rarely found at home. She would either hop on a metro to see her friends for the last time in a long time or she would be busy shopping for necessities to take along with her. As much as I wanted to crib about this infront of her, I decided not to uncharacteristically. Days of discussion concluded with marking day before raksha bandhan to be when she would depart. That's right ! This did the job just fine. I could not hold back anymore and decided to disclose how happy and terrible I felt. “I would really miss you, you know? And you don’t seem to be affected by it. Whom are you going to get your outfits approved from huh?” she replied, giggling, “arey! I am not passing away! It’s just different cities. And I’ll only wear the outfits that you have already approved. But tell me no? You couldn’t live in peace when I went to Telangana for a week, what’s your survival strategy now?” that attention loving potato.

The days passed and finally the dreadful came. I couldn’t sleep all night. Partly due to the exam stress that my entrance exams accompanied but majorly because Kk were to leave that morning. I was happy for her but there was also this void in the process of making and as the morning progressed the weight of the void became heavy. A while later mumma ordered Kk to book a cab. It was decided that I would be seeing her off to the airport. Momentarily, mumma asked Kk to tie the rakhi and as she rolled the thread around my wrist, I remembered something and smiled. She asked me what it was and I simply asked her to hurry up or else she would miss her flight. “Oye ! Hello ! gift?” she stopped me, I responded “I am your gift you imbecile” and we had a good laugh.

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The ride to the airport was probably the longest one we had ever hopped on to. We both knew things had changed and we both had somewhat similar reactions about it but decided to just sit and enjoy each other’s company. The cab reached the airport. As the driver took out her luggage, I gave her an unexpected hug. Unexpected for her and I both. “Ew Kk, Stop being so needy” she giggled and took hold of her luggage. “Dhyan rakhio apna (take care of yourself)” she nodded with a smile. With tears in her eyes she turned around and as the gates behind her closed, I remembered that My grandmother told me “back in our day's brothers would keep the rakhis on till the next rakshabandhanRaksha Bandhan” I am not someone who would engage in a lot of traditions, but maybe this time, I will.


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