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Two generation frames, appreciating things without being in a rush

Do you know what deepens the bond between a grandparent and a grandchild? The urge of appreciating things without being in rush. And the logic behind this patience? Grandparents do know that they have paced enough in life and ended up realizing that all in this life matters is the moments and memories. The emotion of being in love, being cared for and being affectionate matters. These old souls see things from a different lens.

Grandparents do have a consistent fear after waking up in the morning that it could be the last experience of being grateful for things they have and hence they want to make the most out of it. And when we consider the mindset of the grandkids, they have no rush of meeting timelines or winning a gold star rating in their job. All the kid knows is to find heartwarming details in the little things and appreciate them. The appreciation and gratitude once clubbed together, create wonderful magic. Don’t you think that when grandparents are together every moment becomes magical and pious?

Grandparents are indeed a blessing to their grandchildren. Along with years of experience, grandparents add a lot of happiness and joy to the family. They do sync with the changing trends of today's families.

I remember complaining to my mom that “maa tum nani jaisa aachar nahi banati ho” and all my mom used to say back is “beta itna time nahi hai

Once I told my dad that “aapke pass kyu itni kahani nahi hai jitni dadu ke pass hai” and guess what, he also reverted with the same answer, “beta na itna time hai or na itna concentration ki kahaniya sunau mai“ Honestly those stories do matter, still they do.


Walking with your grandma with little tiny steps and she never use to say hurry up

Watching the sea tides with grandpa with the same happiness and he also notices that pebble which strikes the toes

Yes, God made our grandparents unrushed and young.

Due to the change in priorities there has been a lot of distance between the grandparents and grandchildren. Being a parent, here is how you can Incentivise them to spend time with their grandparents regularly

  1. Greeting grandparents with their own love gesture: We all have our own gestures of expressing love, affection and care for our close ones. You will be disheartened to know but yes our grandparents do constantly feel sad and depressed. You know what, we can heal them. Yes, a hug can help here. Hugs instantly boost oxytocin levels, which heal feelings of loneliness and isolation. The longer you hold someone in a hug, the better. And a healer is always loved. An extended hug lifts serotonin levels, elevating mood. Hugs also strengthen the immune system. After all, a hug brings two hearts closer.

I remember, My mom taught me to greet my grandparents in a very traditional way. She taught me “Pranam” to my grandparents. I still do till date. The reason? Well there are two aspects of Pranam. Let me unfold it for you as well.

Scientific: From our brain till our toes, our nerves are uniformly spread across our body. So when you bend down to touch from the fingertips of your hand to the feet of the elder person, a closed circuit is formed between the two bodies. This leads to transfer in energies amongst the two bodies. One touching the feet acts as the receiver while whose feet are touched, they become the transmitter.

Cultural: In mythology we believe that when a person bows down, their ego gets contracted. The elder person, in turn, blesses the person in return with all their wisdom and experiences.

Credits : Ekaterina Shakharova

2. Use technology to stay connected: Technology is a real blessing when it is about staying in touch when distance is a challenge. Via phone calls, video chat, emails, and whatsapp you can remain in touch. How about making a video of Grandparents and showing them a painting that you recently made. Or reading a story on facetime. Sharing how your day was and what the upcoming days have to offer you. A quick catch-up on a frequent basis will maintain the close connection between generations.

Credits : Raj Rana

3. Build an activity together: Being together to do a team work with your grandparents not only creates magical moments but also creates a lovely bond together. Also playing games together can improve the ability to communicate and strategize - all skills that will help the grandchilds in later in life. Some recommended activities that can be done together are:

  • Playing cards

  • Solving crosswords

  • Taking a walk

  • Watching a movie

  • Cooking and baking

  • Playing musical instruments

  • Board games

  • Gardening

  • Drawing or painting

4. Surprise them with little gestures: Sending a card with your own handwriting can seriously bring a bright and wide smile on the grandparents face. They feel being on the same boat as they do also hold a lot of affection and love for you. Grand parents do love to look back at the past as a reminder as those moments they hold close to their heart. Ummm, you can send them flowers also, randomly. Flowers do bring an aura and aroma of relaxation.

5. Express gratitude: Gratitude always empowers the love of our relationships. When we acknowledge and appreciate the efforts one is making, the person always feels seen. and heard. They do get the feeling of them being special to someone. Never forget, life is so uncertain, we should appreciate all the little good things we already have.

6. Learning great values and good habits from grandparents: Can we count our Grandparents in the nomination of "best teachers in the world". With their unconditional love, great experience and their ability to overlook the mistakes definitely we can. While you are wondering what good values one can learn from grandparents , here comes the list:

  • Empathy

  • Discipline

  • Taking Responsibilities

  • Fulfilling promises

  • Finding happiness in everything

  • Being culturally rich

  • Having strong beliefs

  • Always holding positivity

  • That lovely smile on the face

  • Eating well

  • Never giving up

  • Always keep on learning.

  • Waking up early

  • Staying grounded to the nature

  • Value little things

Grandparents do hold a different and diverse level of patience and affection when it comes to caregiving their grandkids. For grandparents, grandchildren are the new lease of their life. When grandparents and grandchildren do spend time together it becomes an enriching experience for both of them . Afterall, grandparents are undoubtedly a rich source of comfort for their grandchildren.

Credits : Zoom TV

Have a great gogo and gana time ahead!

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