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The Ultimate Guide to Strengthen Relationship with Your Kids

Parenting is a mixture of affection, discipline, boundaries, communication without judgment, and focus on teens/tweens emotional and behavioural needs. To provide your kid with the proper nurturing and values for their social, emotional, mental, and physical growth, building a strong bond with them based on love, support, acceptance, respect, and undivided attention is important.

The parents and the kids are from different generations all together in a need to create a bridge that connects them on an emotional level. Many times, parents forget this part and focus more on parenting that includes more strict rules, punishments, a barrier in communication, not involving much in their kid's life except for homework, feeding them, dropping them off at school, or giving them gifts. But, kids need more than this to form a strong bond with you.

Here are 6 tips that you can look out for if you are thinking about forming a strong bond with your kid:

  • Plan day trips with them: On holidays, instead of watching T.V. or staying at home plan a day trip with your kids. Take them to an amusement park, play junctions, or a kids' movie day out. This will make them happy for getting all their favourite things and help you bond with your teen/tween.

  • Do activities planned by them: Tell your kids to plan activities of their choice and engage with them. If they plan a football match, play with them. If they plan a doll house activity, take part in that as well. Show them your interest in their choice of activities.

  • Tell them stories about your childhood: There’s no more fun than knowing about your parent’s childhood mischiefs, mistakes, and how your grandparents handled those situations. It forces a kid to think that their parents used to make mistakes as they do now. This helps in neutralising the burden of not making mistakes.

  • Work on creative projects with them: Kids often love art and craft and like to be creative. How about getting indulged with them on the science project, making it a family project, and adding stars to their creativity? Make some time from your work and help your kids finish those projects together. You will get family time with your kids and quality time with your spouse where you both can live your childhood again.

  • Ask for their opinion on decision-making: Ask for your kid's opinion while making a decision (on problems appropriate for their age group). Asking for their opinion will help them realise that you trust them. Once they understand your trust in them, they will also start trusting you.

  • Plan cooking sessions with your kid: Cooking is an activity that not only helps in fine motor skills but gross motor skills as well which is essential for your kid's physical development. Cooking together is a fun session on its own. It is a great way to help your kids learn to cook basics for their survival and have a fun time with the family.

Creating a strong bond with your kids will not only help you know your kids in a better way but it will also ease your parenting life. This is a great way to bond emotionally with your kids which will help you in the long run.

We wish you happy parenting!

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