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Reduce screen time in your children

Trumsy is your go-to solution for reducing screen time by building good habits and promoting balanced lifestyles in children offering a wealth of resources to support families in their journey towards mindful parenting.

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Why Us
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A step towards screen detoxification

Children have small attention spans, but this can be easily changed - If they find a fun activity, there is a reward involved or they feel they have accomplished something.
Trumsy allows children to participate in fun competitions and parents to set up Habit building challenges for them. Knowing the rewards of completing an activity is an added motivation for the children.

Most inspiring app named by Google 2023

Our app is designed to provide parenting tips, time management skills, and educational resources that help families navigate the challenges of childhood development.


Participate in exciting competitions in 14 different categories

From Arts and Crafts, Dance, and Cooking to Quiz and Academic Competitions, Trumsy has it all. Choose the best activity for your child's age group and see their creative side blossom. The app teaches young minds the importance of hard work and sportsmanship.

Witness your child excel and win exciting prizes

"I want my child to be the best at sports, academics and extracurriculars!" Every parent hopes their child achieves great heights. Trumsy provides instant gratification in the form of certificates to motivate children along with Prizes such as toys, healthy snacks, books, science kits etc sponsored by well-known brands.


Gain valuable skills from renowned tutors via our Classes

Unlock your young one's true potential by choosing from a wide range of offline and online classes.
Find relevant activities for your child's holistic development.

Take a free assessment to find your Parenting Style

Your Parenting Style is integral for your child's self esteem, development, and success. Educating yourself about the psychology behind parenting styles makes you a better parent to your little one.


Build Happy Habits by creating a customised Challenge

Every parent has unique needs hence Trumsy gives you the flexibility to customize challenges and tasks. Our app leverages the Habit loop (cue, craving, response, reward) to make it obvious, attractive, easy and satisfying to do repetitive tasks and form a habit.

It’s Free! No subscription charges or In-App purchases

Wow! Trumsy has so many benefits and adds so much value. What do I need to pay? The answer is nothing! There are no subscriptions and no in-app purchases. It’s ad free too! We want to make parenting an easy job and raise children who can excel in the real world.

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