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5 Fun Learning Activities for Kids at Home

When was the last time your kid threw tantrums when you asked them to study? It happens almost daily, right? When it comes to studies, it is one of the most boring activities if you don't find it interesting. For kids to sit and study in one place for more than an hour is next to impossible. How would it be if we could combine fun with learning? Why not introduce them to some fun and interesting learning activities? Here we are, making your life a little bit easier, introducing to you - 5 fun learning activities & games which you can play with your kid at home or you can invite their friends.

  1. Backyard Treasure Hunt: Hide treasures in the garden and let the kids use a map to find them. It's even better if they can hide something from you and draw the map themselves.

  2. Word/Definition memory game: Practice 2 skills at once: Write new vocabulary words on one card, and definitions on another, so play a standard Memory game. You'll be able to additionally try this with synonyms and antonyms.

  3. Colour Mixing Experiment: It’s an easy and fun experiment for school kids to understand how different shades of colours are formed through primary colours. Ask them to pour water into 3 containers by mixing food dye colours: blue, red, and yellow (primary colours) in each. Then, ask them to take the fourth container and mix two primary colours together and identify the secondary colour.

  4. Label mapping: If you want to teach your kid about geography and the world, look for a wall map that clearly indicates the borders of all the countries. Ask them to stick labels of cloth and toys to their place of origin. This might result in active discussion about the world and its history.

  5. Pop the Top math game: Stick math equations on the top of a bottle cap and write the answers inside. Then, if your kid answers an equation correctly, they'll get to keep the cap. If not, it stays in the bunch. The kid who earns most of the caps wins the game!

These 5 activities are not only fun to do but will also help your kids to learn something new.

We wish you happy parenting!


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