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5 mins more. Mom, please 5 mins more.

Dad, I don’t want to go to school today, I just don’t feel like it.

It’s natural when we don’t want to get up and set up for the normal routine we carry. Sometimes all we need is to lay over the bed and do absolutely nothing. Same can happen with tweens and teenagers as well. If it is a normal day, let them lay over and spread laziness all around but if this day is important then here are a few tips that can make a difference.

1. A wake-up morning dance session: Okay let’s be practical, your kid ain’t going to do yoga or warm up session themselves. Trust me. You have to step in here to tune on to “I put my armor on and show you who I am” or any motivational song you know your kid really vibe on. Move your body and indulge them along. When we move our body, it releases endorphins and serotonin. These are the hormones which activate the positive feelings in the body. Dance for 5-10 mins on two three songs and see the difference it creates.

2. Snacking light and hydrating enough: When we feel lazy, our body is automatically driven towards catching more sleep. To kick off your lazy day, you do need a healthy breakfast. Do remember that serving a light breakfast for this lazy morning will make them fresh. Don't fill up their plates with paratha and makhan, please, as these meals often leave us feeling bloated and uncomfortable. There is nothing better than a healthy fresh fruit burst. Make sure your little one is having something from the super fresh Vitamin C ingredient as well.

Water brings a lot of benefits and water is the best liquid that can serve our body right no matter what the body is going through. Some Studies proved that people who drink more water hold more positive emotions when they awoke from sleep. The more we hydrate ourselves, the more calmer, active, and positive we remain.

3. Share a weekend activity plan with your teens: We all love weekend. Don't we? After a long and tiring week of studying and following the routine kids do want to do something full of fun with family. Sharing a plan with what you have in your mind for the weekend gives them excitement and joy for the rest of the remaining days. They start looking forward to the plans with lot more energies. Some plans that you can make are a short trip to a nearby zoo or a museum, a live concert, playing a match together, and taking them bowling.

4. Light up the vibe by peach candles: I don't know how many of you know about the candle effect. A candle quickly lifts up the mood. There are a lot of varieties of candles and each candle does hold a special significance. When it comes to bringing activations, the peach candle creates wonder. Peach color and aroma do promote restoration and rejuvenation. Some facts state that peaches are great for boosting the immune system as well.

5.Make them take a cold bath: Yes, a cold shower is more powerful than caffeine. It acts like a game changer for health and is a great ingredient to add to your morning routine. Science has various proven benefits of having a cold shower, listing some of them below:

  • Increases energy in the morning.

  • Boost metabolism.

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

  • Increases the willpower

  • Uplifts the mood

Well done. You are getting there!

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