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Utth ja kumbhkaran...aur kitna soyga!

Is it just me who feels that on waking up early I do have my gear on in productivity mode? You have all your time for yourself. You can plan your day peacefully. You can finish the work time and ensure quality. Researchers also discovered that people who wake up early have better mental health. These early risers have a strong positive aura as well. Waking up early lessens the chance of mental illnesses. This is also an excellent way of reducing stress because you have already started the day earlier. Well, there are N number of advantages if you wake up early. And honestly, if you are a parent, you would love your kid to also get this good habit of waking up early. The real challenge lies in how to make them wake up early in the morning. Yes, this is where we can help. Here are a few quick pieces of advice which can help your little one to get up early.

  1. Evening outdoor games: There are a lot of benefits of playing sports outdoors. But here are some facts that can help you understand how an outdoor game can help your tween/teen to go to bed early and rise up in the morning. Exercise does release endorphins which are also known as the happy hormone. Along with the happy hormones, it also releases the neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine which further calms the body down. And when we are happy and relaxed, we do have a good quality sleep. The other reason is pretty obvious, outdoor games do consume a lot of energy, which leaves the body tired. So as soon as the head hits the pillow we fall asleep. That's why even when we work out, the instructor suggested that we have a sound sleep because sleep also helps in repairing worn-out muscles.

  2. Hot shower: This is the best secret that I hold. Yes, taking a hot bath before 40 minutes of sleep helps us To fall asleep faster. A researcher from the University of Texas reveals that taking a hot bath about 90 minutes before bed could help people fall asleep more quickly. And why is that? It is because the hot water helps change the body’s core temperature. This is very much associated with Newton's law of cooling. Taking a bath prior to 90 minutes before your bedtime will let your body maintain a lower temperature. And when you go to bed at a lower temperature you sleep well. Yes, we sleep better when we are cooler.

  3. Morning games and incentives: Your kid will honestly make 100 excuses to wake up in the morning. But this is where your smartness comes into the picture. If you can lure them with several temptations as the reward of waking earlier, you are ahead of the game. Some of the games are, challenge them to get ready by 7:30 am or whatever defined am you have in your mind and once they get ready (Brushing up the teeth, making their bed, packing their school bag, taking a shower, putting on the school uniform) reward them with validations and appreciations. You can also tune in to the morning flash mob or a rugby game, and many more.

  4. Tempting breakfast: A hot chocolate, pancake, corn poha, sandwiches, and many more tempting items can help you to encourage your teen/tween to wake up early. Promise them that if they wake up early they are going to get rewarded by a tempting breakfast. Kids do love food and food does act as a motivator to them. Try this and thank me later!

  5. Avoid late-night screen time: To sleep on time, you need to leave your brain alone. And gadgets do always engage the brain and never leave the processor alone. To have a good sleep, you need your kid to stay away or put down their screens. Also scrolling nowadays has no endpoint. We know that convincing your kid to keep their phone away is a real struggle. Here is how you can help:

  • Put their phone in a different room

  • Make the status of the phone to "Do not disturb"

  • Or use the night mode to minimize distractions

  • And the super cool idea is to use Trumsy

6. Late-night drinks for quality sleep: Bring your ears a little closer, and I will tell you an ancient secret. There are some drinks that can make your bedtime easier by setting you at the stage where you feel relaxed and good. Bring your ears a little closer, I will tell you an ancient secret. There are some drinks that can make your bedtime easier by setting you at the stage where you feel relaxed and good. Here are 5 drinks that can set your kid off to sleep.

  • Warm Milk

  • Almond Milk

  • Malted Milk

  • Banana Smoothie

  • Cherry Juice

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