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Bas thoda sa waqt lagega! Clean your learning space before you start.

Cleanliness is directly proportional to productivity and organization. We know how badly you want cleanliness to remain in the picture of your house. Let's be honest, alone you cannot look after each corner of the house and you need to teach this life skill to your kids too for better survival. Last week you literally convinced your younger one to clean their bookshelf and the learning corner, they did it too but when yesterday you looked at their study table, there was a mess again. We totally feel you and understand that the real challenge lies in the game of consistency of cleanliness. How about a permanent fix? If you will tell your little one the reasons behind why to keep the learning space clean, I am sure this might help because the logic for sure generates reasoning and reasoning to lead to actions. Below are the reasons why your child should always clean their learning space:

For better productivity: The state of our space reflects the state of mind. A clean space promotes clear and creative thinking. It is easy to become discouraged when the space is so messy, you simply feel like running away from the space. Whereas a clean and orderly place feels more enthusiastic and motivated. And when the mind is in a motivated and productive stage, it gives the best to soak up learning. A clean space does not take a large amount of time to look for things. Learning should flow well with order and clarity of concepts and logic. When the learning space is organized, kids can easily experience a nice flow throughout their study hours resulting in maximum productivity.

Improves your mood: A messy space produces the stress hormone called cortisol which causes bad mood and irritation. Some recent studies suggested that with a lot of “visual noise” you face hard times in making decisions. Hence as a solution, cleaning your space helps in reducing cortisol levels, and uplifts the productive state of the mind. The productive mood then further helps you in focusing on the things you need to, producing a sense of accomplishment. This also brings mindfulness which is all about conscious awareness.

Prevents from falling ill: Cleaning the learning space regularly can prevent you and your home from some of the nasty allergens. When we talk about allergies in the study corner, it usually covers the dust on books and notebooks. As you turn pages from your finger, contact with your finger in an infectious spot can immediately make you sick. Cold and flu viruses can linger for hours and hours and if you won’t clean it, you may end up having a cold, cough and flu while cleaning the space, make sure you use infection-free sprays or liquid.

Improves your sleep: You read it right. Yes if you have an organized and clean space around your mind limits the distractions at bedtime. Having fewer distractions or no distractions at all makes it easier for you to fall and stay asleep. As the dust, allergies and micro organisms have been vacuumed or cleaned, the air quality inside the room improves which regulates the sleep cycle as well. Also if your teen or tween is cleaning their study corner, please instruct them to clean and make their own bed as well. Doing so makes the room completely clean, structured and organized. The National Sleep Foundation states that by making your bed you can attain a more restful sleep for later. Better sleep can help keep spirits high and stress low!

Clean study space clears the thoughts as well: A study reveals that in a cluttered space of a teen or tween the attention usually hops from one object to another. Every present object in the room competes for their attention. Making the thoughts and to-do cluttered. If anyone is facing a hard time while initiating the task and consistently remains distracted and irritated, there are high chances one may give up on the task. When the space and room is clear, focusing on one particular object, such as his textbook, becomes automatically easy. So one hardly gets distracted by anything. Hence, A clutter-free space reduces the distractions and enhances the focus and creativity.

A child gets the most from the house they grow up. Imagine growing up in an organized house where they also play a part teaches them to stay organized, which is a life lesson. Children are very creative and masters of imitation. With minimal clutter, the academic performance of a child also improves.


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