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Fear of failure

Credits: Stormseeker

Atychiphobia, this is what we technically term the fear of failure. If you would like to go ahead with the stats, according to the latest data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 1 in 5 U.S. businesses fail within the very first year. You will be surprised to know that every hour one student in India commits suicide because of the fear of failure or a failure already faced. Can we make failure the new normal? Can we make this earth a better place to live? Can we contribute in making the foundation of a healthy space for people who fail. Actually all of us fail in some or the other manner. The standard definitions just make things a little worse.

Let me put some facts about these legends and their relations with failure:

  • Steven Spielberg, the famous American film director was rejected thrice by the University of Southern California Film School

  • Thomas Elva Edison failed N number of times before his successful discovery of electric bulb

  • The author of the famous book, The 4 hour work week was rejected 25 times by different publishers.

I can go on and on but the point here is what is stopping you from failing? Why can’t we as a society own our failure as gifts. Let’s embrace our failure as a source of light which will eliminate success.

Credits: aceofnet

Let’s dive deeper into why failing is making you anxious, stressed and depressed?

Reasons for fear of failure:

  1. Lust for Perfection: We do fall for being perfect. Trust me, there is nothing called perfection. We go a long way when we accept our flaws and make it a beautiful disaster rather than having something which you cannot even hold effortlessly. Embrace your flaws and keep working towards it, it doesn't matter what small steps you are making because honestly progress has no device to measure.

Remember progress >>perfection

2. Stepping out of the comfort zone: Most of us are reluctant to try out new things. We get afraid of stepping out of the lifestyle or things that we are doing in our day to day life. A sudden change in day looks like a hell lot of tasks and hence here we lack adaptability. Being adaptable is something we as a human absolutely need and should inject inside us.


3. The so-called impression: We are mostly worried about what people will say behind our back if we fail. Giving up your 100% because you want to achieve a certain goal completely makes sense but doing something for the sake of society will not serve the purpose of the pursual right. Never, never undertake any action keeping the pressure of fame and good words in your mind. You will eventually end up screwing yourself.

4. A bad family history: A happy and positive home acts as a container of molding your teen. If anxiety, depression, anger, stress and mood swings constantly runs into a family, a teen will for sure get affected. Hey, why can’t we detox ourselves and create a positive aura for our own family members. Do it, you will feel good. When I say detox, I mean not participating in an action which can create negative energy all around. Treat things with love and love will make the way to peace.

Credits: Johann Walter Bantz

5. Traumatic experience: The worst thing you can do to yourself is to let traumas guide through. Traumas are really bad, but what could be better than eliminating those past experiences with a bright tomorrow. Bright tomorrow does come with a challenge of going ahead and failing. Take it, make it and rock it.

Credits: Olivier Piquer

Ways to overcome the failure:

  • Focus on the present: At the end of the day it is okay to be brave and scared at the same time. The fear of the future and the experience of the past might burst your thoughts aligning towards the hope but the steps you are taking today for a better tomorrow will surely nullify it. Believe in yourself and Kar har maidan fatheh!

  • Plan for a better tomorrow: The best thing about failure is to learn what not to do or how to do a thing differently. I am still learning is the strongest way of stating your progress. Try to move the mountain and everytime the ground rumbles, take a pause, lift it again. You will move it, you will conquer it.

  • Keep hopes low and efforts high: Maybe the reason we are scared of failure is because there was a time we tried to make it work, but we failed. How about keeping the josh high and the expectations low. Expectations and motivation are whole different things altogether. Make sure you are self motivated. And you are even motivating others, even though your inside waves are at peak

  • Redefine failure: As you walk, pieces of your hope fall at your feet, a hopeful trail of “Let’s try again and fail differently will surely make the ways of success at your doorstep. Redefine failure, redefine strength. See how much pain you have endured and still choose to try.

Redefine failure, redefine yourself!

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